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December 18, 2017



To Keep My Love Alive

To Keep My Love Alive Mp3 Song, Download To Keep My Love Alive, To Keep My Love Alive Mp3 Download"To Keep My Love Alive" was a soundtrack of 2011 ,An Awesome Soundtrack cassette, Felicita.Isis, recorded this music track after broadcasting "Goodness Gracious Me" song carried out by Sophia Loren & Peter Seller.It is Sophia Loren`s 435th music track, Out of 443 total .Judgement of income to Isis by song is $1253.Sophia Loren meet withvarious gifts for best presentation of a Soundtrack music track.This music track was casted 6 years ago, starting to be enjoyable by English teens.The music track was composed by Sophia Loren where as it was kindly sung by Sophia Loren. performed as a writer.Primary opera singer Sophia Loren played role in two jobs, introduced as singers and composer.It speedily glide to edge on youtube in 2016, and is viewed by 90.21 thousand people.Music track is reachable on itunes store for $0.99 where as whole album just for $9.99.

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Song Name To Keep My Love Alive
ComposerSophia Loren.
SingerSophia Loren.
Duration 02:49
Record on December 18, 2017
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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To Keep My Love Alive Lyrics

I married many men, a ton of them
Because I was untrue to none of them
Because I bumped off every one of them
To keep my love alive!

Sir Paul was frail, he looked a wreck to me
At night he was a horse's neck to me
So I performed an appendectomy
To keep my love alive!

Sir Thomas had insomnia, he couldn't sleep at night
I bought a little arsenic, he's sleeping now all right

Sir Philip played the harp, I cussed the thing
I crowned him with his harp to bust the thing
And now he plays where harps are just the thing
To keep my love alive!
To keep my love alive!

I thought Sir George had possibilities
But his flirtations made me ill at ease
And when I'm ill at ease, I kill at ease
To keep my love alive!

Sir Charles came from a sanitorium
And yelled for drinks in my emporium
I mixed one drink, he's in memorium
To keep my love alive!

Sir Francis was a singing bird, a nightingale, that's why
I tossed him off my balcony, to see if he could fly

Sir Atherton indulged in fratricide
He killed his dad and that was patricide
One night I stabbed him by my mattress-side
To keep my love alive!
To keep my love alive!

Did You Know?

Film goddess Sophia Loren released an album with Peter Sellers in 1960, mainly featuring solo performances with a few joint efforts included.
This is one of Sophia's solo songs and shows what a beautiful singing voice she had.
She still performing at the age of 77
Written in 1943 for the revival of A Conecticut Yankee by Rodgers and Hart, this was the last song written by Lorenz Hart before his death in November 1943.

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