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August 2, 2004



Wanna Get High 2

Wanna Get High 2 Mp3 Song, Download Wanna Get High 2, Wanna Get High 2 Mp3 DownloadThe "Wanna Get High 2", music track from Bollywood CD "Cant Be Stopped" was released in 2004. Lyrics for this song was made by .PANNES Ave Recordings, casted the music track after casting "Keep Holdin On" song performed by MR. FERN.Main vocalist played role in responsibilities, played role as .Average profit to PANNES Ave Recordings by this soundtrack is $2692.The song was framed by Lil Sicko while it was kindly acted by Brown Boy and Mr. Criminal.This was Brown Boy, Mr. Criminal`s 1th soundtrack, Out of 2 till now. greeted huge response for good rendition of a Bollywood track.This track was casted ago, going on to be loved by English music lovers.It madly fly up to edge on youtube in 2011, and is seen by 153.96 thousand users.Track is to hand on itunes for just $1.29 where as full track list just for $-1.

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Song Name Wanna Get High 2
AlbumCant Be Stopped.
ComposerLil Sicko.
LabelPANNES Ave Recordings.
SingerBrown Boy and Mr. Criminal.
Duration 04:07
Record on August 2, 2004
Album Price $-1
Song Price $1.29
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Wanna Get High 2 Lyrics

That's Right
It's Mr Criminal
A Little Dedication To My Homies
Doing A Little Tiempo Right Now
I Know It's Hard Homie
But Uhh
Keep Your Head Up
And Chest Out
Wanna Send A Little Message
Know That Criminal Ain't Forgot About You
You Know (Yeah)
A Lot Of Homies
Doing Time Right Now
Too Many Names To Name
Fallen An Victim
To These Streets And Shit
Big Ass Struggle (I Know)
Been There Done That
Keep Your Head Up Homie

Verse 1:
It's Kinda Funny
How This World Turns (Turns)
I Write A Rap
And Let The Blunt Burn
Think To Myself
Who I Was
Just A Couple Of Years Ago
Now I Got Homies In My Shoes
That's Doing Time
Or On Parole
Trap in The System
Fallen a Victim
To The Government
Society Labels You a Convict
When You Done With It
It's Like Some How, Some Way
You Just Can't Over Come This Shit
Try Not To Get The Thirst
Try To Steer You On A Come Up Quick
Couldn't Get A Decent Job
Cause You Got Tats On Your Face
Pockets Empty So You Went
And Put A Strap On Your Waist
I Know Exactly How It Is
When You Trying Not To Fall
Locked Up
Behind The Walls
Visitation, Collect Calls
Too Many Homies Of Mine
Getting Caught Up For Crimes
Judges Breaking Motherfuckers Off
With Too Much Time
And It's A Shame
Homies Fallen A Victim To The Gang
25 To Life
And That's Life in The Gang

Motherfuckers Striking Out Left And Right
Goin In And Out Them Gates
Stuck Homie
Fallen a Victim To This Parole System
Big Ass Trap Homie
Open Up Your Eyes
And Realize This Shit
Stay On The Streets

Verse 2:
He Was Only 13
Influenced By His Peers
Jumped In The Neighborhood
And Got A Tattoo Tear
Older Homies Gave Em' A Strap
He Didn't Have No Fear
Slanging & Doing Dope
Mind Never Was Clear
Steered Into A Direction
That'd He Soon Will Regret
Making Motherfuckers Bleed
For Disrespecting The Set
Wouldn't Listen To Nobody
In One Ear & Out The Other
Disrespecting His Mother
And Even Stealing Money From Her
What Was A Shame Was The Homie
Was Naive To The Gang
Thinking All He Wanted To Do In Life
Was Run The Streets & Bang
Until He Got Caught With A Strap
Facing Triple Homicide
Tried And Convicted As An Adult
Now He's Facing 25
And That's Life In The Varrio
That's Just How It's Done
Grab A Strap
Cock It
Shoot It
For The Neighborhood You from

Lock It #704162
We Find The Defendant Guilty
Yeah I Know How It Is Gang Banging
Throw Up Your Sign
Represent Where The Fuck You from
But Make Sure You Understand
That This Shit Has Consequences
You Know
I Seen Motherfuckers Get Shot
Blood Spilled
Homies Lose The Battle
To The Grave Site
Shit Ain't Nothing Nice Homie
Get In The Position I'm In
Leave That Shit Alone

Verse 3:
I Wrote This Track
And Dedicate it
To My Homies Behind Bars
Stuck In Them Concrete Walls
With Them Jail House Scars
The Streets Miss You Homies
Hold Your Heads Up High
They Gave My Homie Baby Huey
7 Years In 0-5
The Homies Creepy & Demon
Both Got Caught By The Feds
Now They Holding 10 Years A Piece
Over They Heads
The Homies
Wyno, Miclo, Pirate, Lil Shy Boy & Crazy
All Serving Time Upstate
The Homies Think Of You Daily
You Know On The Real Homies
Life's Too Short To Waste
I Reminisce About the Homies
Take A Blunt To The Face
And Count My Blessings
That I'm Still
In These Streets Representing
I Ain't No Angel
Any Single Day Could Be The Beginning
Of A Life Behind Bars
Cuz Of The Way That I Live
Staying Strap
Cuz I Don't Wanna Die
I Got Too Much To Give
And I Don't Blame None Of My Homies
They All Did What They Had To Do
Before These Motherfuckers
Just Come Take A Walk In My Shoes

Come Take A Walk In My Shoes
Matter A Fact
Take A Walk
Through Any Motherfuckers Shoes
That Lives In
L.A. County
San Diego County
Orange County
Ventura County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
Any Motherfucking County
In The United States Of America
You Know What The Fuck I'm Talking About
It's All A Trap
A Big Ass Circle Going In A Circle
And Shit
You're Wise If You're Understanding
What The Fuck Know What's Going On
Tack Right Here
Is Dedicated To All My Homies
Stuck In The Concrete Jungle
Not Seeing The Day Of Light
For A Couple Years
You Know
Keep Your Head Up & Chest Out "G"
Know That Mr Criminal Gots Your Back
I Ain't Forgot About You

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2. Criminal Mentality
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8. Ruthless
9. Criminal Mente Skit
10. Fully Automatic
11. Get Money
12. I Like To Get High
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15. Outro
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