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August 2, 2004



West Coast West Coast

West Coast West Coast Mp3 Song, Download West Coast West Coast, West Coast West Coast Mp3 Download"West Coast West Coast" was a music track in 2004 ,An Awesome West Coast Rap CD, Cant Be Stopped.This soundtrack was made live ago, begining to viral by English people.Estimated profit to PANNES Ave Recordings by soundtrack is $2553.The song was composed by Lil Sicko where as it was pleasantly performed by Mr. Shadow.Prime artist did role in fields, introduced as . received respect and love for best rendering of a West Coast Rap song.It madly reached up on video platform youtube in 2018, and is seen by 29 thousand people.It was Mr. Shadow`s 621th song, Out of 623 total till now. introduced as a lyricist.PANNES Ave Recordings, released this music track after broadcasting "Riderz" song acted by Spice 1.Song is available on itunes library for just $0.99 where as whole list only for $9.99.

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Song Name West Coast West Coast
AlbumCant Be Stopped.
ComposerLil Sicko.
GenreWest Coast Rap.
LabelPANNES Ave Recordings.
SingerMr. Shadow.
Duration 03:49
Record on August 2, 2004
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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West Coast West Coast Lyrics

Chorus: Fingazz
Everybody, raise it up
Let me see where you from
Don't trip
Your drink
Everybody, take your cup
Pour a little out
Do you know what I'm talkin' about
Let's blaze that
Weed (Girls)
On, ecstacy
Ain't nothing like a west coast
Party, party, party, baby

[Mr. Shadow]
(Verse 1)
It don't stop til the cops kick down the door
It's top notch, so just watch as I pimp these hoes
Everybody knows how Mr. Shadow gets down (How's that?)
Plenty of liquor and chronic to go around
In west coast, sunny Cali, everyday, it's on
We gonna rock this motherfucker til the crack of dawn
So get your swig on (Swig on)
Bring on the eighteen, hun
You do it to impress, fool, we do it for fun
Cause we some young Southsiders
Doin' it big
And ain't no outsiders
Comin' in
Born again, on the rise, and it's no surprise
That we the baddest in the planet and we keeping it live
S.D. on the ass
Got your heads boppin'
Weed keeps comin', and tops just keep poppin'
Topless models
Empty bottles
We some sick ass
Bald headed soldados

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I got the place jumpin' (Jumpin')
Music stumpin'
You all know that I'm always into somethin'
We bouncin' (Bouncin')
Smokin' a ounce
With all my real motherfuckers in the back of the house
Dego style
Let me see where you from, fool, throw it up
Still blowin' up the spot from top to bottom
Side to side, haters can't hide, I spot 'em
Everybody (What?)
Bottoms up
When you wanna get faded, just call us up
X and blunts
Ain't nobody next to us
When we (What)
Throw a bash, get ridiculous
Take a hit with us
Come and chill on the Southside (Southside)
In my neck of the hood, it's all brown pride (Brown pride)
Open your eyes and tell me who you see
Around you and me that throw shit like weed
No one

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
We're gonna smoke til the fat girl sings (Ah!)
And ain't one in sight, so it's on, all night (Yeah)
Hella high
Me and the fellas ride
Like if tomorrow is the day that we die
And step aside or get stepped on (Stepped on)
Cock blockers don't last long (Last long)
Your bitches get crept on
Who got a lighter (What, what)
I need fire (Why?)
I'm buzzin' and I wanna get higher
Til I die, I'm a do this shit
Bong fool, 80 proof, to the roof and shit (Whoo!)
I prove that this coast got the finest hoes
And we the downest motherfuckers that be hittin' the most
I'm the host
Shadow straight runnin' the show
Get your back off the raw and your ass on the dance floor
Go 'head and ask, do whatever you want
And who gives a fuck if you ain't twenty-one
Raise your cup

Repeat Chorus

Hook: E-Dubb
"Mr. Shadow"
"Bring all the cups and the brew over here" --] Mr. Shadow
"Mr. Shadow"
"Juice drank, chillin' phat blunts, make you spit" --] Mr. Shadow

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

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