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January 1, 2003



What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras

What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras Mp3 Song, Download What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras, What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras Mp3 DownloadThe "What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras", track of World album "Euphoria Gully" was casted in year 2003.Estimated earnings to T-Series from song is $2450.It fastly soared up on video platform youtube in 2002, and is seen by 91 thousand users.Main artist Euphoria performed in two responsibilities, participated as singers and composer.T-Series, recorded the soundtrack after recording "Satgur Darsan Dekhdo" music track performed by Montana Skies.It was Palash Sen, Euphoria`s 5th track, Out of 12 all .The soundtrack was composed by Euphoria on the other side it was delightfuly represented by Palash Sen and Euphoria. Deekshant Sherawat roled as a writer.Euphoria received love for nice rendition of a World track.This soundtrack was launched 15 years before, begining to viral by Hindi audience.Song is available on platform itunes for only $0.99 where as whole track list only for $5.99.

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Song Name What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras
AlbumEuphoria Gully.
LyricstDeekshant Sherawat and Dr Palash Sen.
SingerEuphoria and Palash Sen.
Duration 06:17
Record on January 1, 2003
Album Price $5.99
Song Price $0.99
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What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras Lyrics

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Mantra of peace, compassion and brotherhood. Love is the strongest power on earth. Binding the entire mankind with love.
None of us know how primitive the time is? Nor, where lies the beginning?
This moment if time is precious which can never return back again.
Lets realize and understand ourselves in this precious moment.
Lets understand the rules of this life.
Lets try not to forget the past.
Lets face whatever returns back to us.
Lets first understand whats the mantra of life.
Lets understand whats victory and whats loss?
Whats beyond the sadness and happiness?
Who drives these clouds, storms and winds?
Whats beyond space? Does it have any alien civilizations?
Lets just understand what is love.
And this is the sacred mantra.
While watching these stars calling us. And the sky's with open arms.
While the traveling winds are telling us, not to stop the progress of life.
Lets talk about the future with the memories of our pasts.
Lets leave our footsteps in this moment of time.
Thus everyone may witness, especially those who have achieved their goals.
The task performers will surely ask the secret of sacred mantra.
It consists of hard-work and courage as well.
With a little-bit of destiny too.
With a few dreams in these visions.
And hopes at our hearts.
While pondering whats the reason for breathing?
Whats the meaning of our lives?
Lets just understand whats love.
This is our secret sacred mantra.
Please join me to think.
Lets eliminate these boundaries from our hearts.
With no borders for any nations.
Lets all live happy in this world with peace.
What is that which belongs to us?
And what may belong to others?
While pondering, what is our desire? Whats our life? Our dreams? Our Gods? Our Languages?
Whats our secret sacred mantra.
Lets just understand what is love.
And this is the sacred mantra.

Hindi Song (added by Manoj Karagudri) Mantra Euphoria Palash Sen.

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