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December 7, 2017



Wild In The Country

One of the best track List "The Embassy British Hit Parade 1961 Vol 2", was launched in 2012 with a Hit Rock soundtrack "Wild In The Country"
.Approximate income to ACROBAT by this soundtrack is $2174.Various Artists greetedmuch rewards for good presentation of a Rock soundtrack.
Vocals for this song was written by .This music track was casted 5 years ago, begining to viral by English music lovers.ACROBAT, released this music track after making live "Aint Gonna Wash For A Week" song represented by Matu Wa Ndung'u.Leading singer Various Artists participated in two fields, introduced as singers and composer.The soundtrack was nicely composed by Various Artists while it was well represented by Various Artists.This was Various Artists`s 163114th track, Out of 163347 all .It rapidly got sky-high on the video platform youtube in 1925, and is watched by 1 million users.Song is to hand on platform itunes for just $0.99 where as full list for $9.99.

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Song Name Wild In The Country
SingersVarious Artists.
ComposerVarious Artists.
AlbumsThe Embassy British Hit Parade 1961 Vol 2.
Duration 02:03
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Comments • 362

Comment by Kwales66

I pressed the wrong button - I meant to I would have HIT too

Comment by Melanie Brandt

I love Bow Wow Wow, and always will!

Comment by Baz theblue

She was sexy little thing,always had a thing for asian girls,this must be where it stemmed from.

Comment by peterred

she had a posh voice but good though

Comment by pme96

@101airbourn Please have mercy. My fanny hurts!

Comment by durban skyslot

too right!, makes a difference listening to good music, as opposed to the brainwashing talentless crap, we are submitted to, this day and age!

Comment by hee haw

If this isnt the best band in the world then ahm fuckin English. Freedom for Scotland

Comment by Larz Gustafsson

This is basically the original Ants minus Adam plus Annabella.

Comment by See Warrior

R.I.P Mathew Ashman... I'm going to Adam Ants 'Dirk wears white sox' gig next month and he's dedicating it to you..xx

Comment by turboslag

Fantasy is a wonderful thing!

Comment by widebody123

u gotta be kidding? she looks like a boy or a lesbo. agnetha faltskog did it for me. fun song though.

Comment by fep70

The original Ants (there were 3) joined Bow Wow Wow. When A&A hit the big time it was with four new Ants.

Comment by prettybionic

mathew is gorgeous

Comment by jazzraspberry

Really? You don't think she was styled then? Read up a little history...

Comment by killTHEIRidols

Did you go?? :)

Comment by Craig Waddington

Ahhh Annabelle....how i thought you were sooooooooooooo sexy!! and look! its whats his face on drums from Culture Club!!

Comment by Elk Lord

As mental plectrum driven bass lines go... Bow Wow Wow were up there with The Stranglers....fucking Potty!

Comment by Anne Rendle

omg great memories of my teens i was doing my paper round wen dis was out i was 13 yrs old

Comment by keasy man

Shitty, shite, post punk/nmew wave pop shit.

Comment by blixem59

She was asked to audition by his 'people' after being heard/discovered singing while working in a dry cleaners & I'm glad she got the job!

Comment by adrian thomas

love love this and the skin guitarist

Comment by Dave Davidson

The guys in this band were some real dumb asses firing a front woman as beautiful, talented and charismatic as Annabella just because they wanted to go in a new direction. I'll bet they always regretted that. She was amazingly talented for her age. Back then I thought she was 3-5 years older then she actually was. There weren't any girls in my high school that looked that good and had talent too.

Comment by jonjuliecat

annabelle llyn ... mint!

Comment by looklaokarasin

wowww love somuch Guitar this song ..++

Comment by Asia1Alpha

Give me this anyday compared to the crap thats about these days

Comment by eric crawford

Agreed. He didn't create anything. He was a plagiarist businessman and doesn't deserve any respect for ANYTHING but making cash, not from chaos, from theft. He took the credit for ''discovering'' The Ramones, The New York Dolls, who he managed, and destroyed their career, and The Sex Pistols. Punk would have 'happened' without him, Vivienne Westwood was the creative 'partner' not him, Pissed off kids in mid 70's Britain? Rot in Hell McLaren, SEX was a shop for perverts, you just took advantage.

Comment by Gary Turner

fantastic, makes me feel young again

Comment by Peter G


Comment by kevin patrick scott

good pop song very unique and what lungs

Comment by SIMON Gill

Great fashion, vintage Vivienne Westwood

Comment by paul chorley

me too

Comment by John Russell

Check out Maria And The Mirrors

Comment by coltsuperocean10

...still hot!

Comment by Riccardo3442

Can't fault you there mate!

Comment by Tim Peacock

Ha ,ha !! Donken, very funny! I happened to have ,when this charted, on of my best "flesh-tubes" to keep things ....vibrant (remember, Maggi?) xx

Comment by Hugh Mongus

Annabella Lwin was awesome in Bow Wow Wow. What were they thinking when they kicked her out?

Comment by markelt

Yeah. Much better now that everything is created to a formula and with an eye on a song's potential as a ringtone.

Comment by NRG Fitness

I remember this song the first time round - and its still a pile of shite!

Comment by dorkdoll

@Donksn WAY TO GO

Comment by RUDI UK

well spotted old chap. she certainly is

Comment by Steve20127

What crap.

Comment by innit2innit

The best record sleeve of the 80's :)

Comment by Trevor Wright


Comment by fep70

Okay, previous Ants then

Comment by secessionman

Naked in the breeze sums her up ;-)

Comment by greenviolets1

this girl puts the fear of God into me

Comment by Donksn

I did and still do like older women.

Comment by zaftra

@dsukenick I'm gllad you agree.

Comment by SIMON Gill

@zaftra maybe it was meant to be ironic?

Comment by Bob Lawblawblaw

But does she take it up the arse? Thats what we all wanna know.

Comment by guevara2016

anyone think vampire weekend may have took inspiration from them??

Comment by MrAmericanbeauty

was 1 million percent early 1982 Anthony, met the love of my life, or so i thought then looooooooool

Comment by cdseatpizza

rofl this song makes me laff so much

Comment by pme96

@LuckyGuu Not all Brits are that awesome. Take a stroll down Reading Broad street and you will see alot of very fat, very stupid people. Whilst I, on the other hand, am very sexy!

Comment by Donksn

Nope! I like women that make me hard.
Back in a mo, just off to pull the head off it again.

Comment by Marlie Centawer

Ashman is wearing a Tits tshirt from SEX shop (Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood shop on the King's Road). Very cool xo

Comment by nikki visser

uk # 7 higher than #9 'i want candy".

Comment by turboslag

I'm with you there dude!

Comment by lilybum21

rip malcome mclarome 

Comment by maurice higney

abb brill ..love it !!!!

Comment by sockington1

@knifesedge not really

Comment by paisleygerry

Really amazing....what energy and feeling .....something these idiots on x factor will never have. This girl is a pioneer and BA Robertson is a tube (see his interview with her when she walks out) ha ha she done a bee gees and he looked an idiot.

Comment by Simon Curtis

Sang this at junior school.

Comment by Asia1Alpha

She was frekkin hot......!! she still around??

Comment by Michael Greenwell

I always thought the young blonde guy guitarist was freakin' cute, adorable, and hot!! I still drool over him every time I watch any of their vids.

Comment by y350ful

matthew ashman is goregous so good looking rip xxxxx

Comment by Russ Kurtis

top track

Comment by Scott Creedon


Comment by 20cFilmWannabe

This could drive you insane if it was on repeat for a few hours lol

Comment by stepherron

Love this! I just left school and started work when this was out! love it!

Comment by Lawless

Well, I thank you!! haha


31 to be exact.

Comment by wayneschlaegal

agree with much of StNige's sentiment but to cite Bow Wow Wow as vanguards in the fight against controlling producers and management is a bit off the mark.

Comment by duffdeluxe

@knifesedge no it isnt

Comment by billy nomates

i bet saville kept his hands to himself around annabella

Comment by Susanne Maurer

what's her name?

Comment by phantomzassassin

i dont no why but her voice is hot XD

Comment by LuckyGuu

Her Brit accent blows me away, it always has! I should marry a Brit! Just awesome people!

Comment by sdw1106

try their version of 'Fools rush in'...

Comment by JameZy

wonder how many people are aware this was the original adam and the ants lineup, swap anabella for adam

Comment by Julie coop

I'm a kid again instead of a mum of 2 kids over the age of 21 ooooh

Comment by XabiAlonsosCousin

yeah she'll be about thirty stone now that girl :/

Comment by Edward Austin

rip matth... and thanks for the advice... in true rock star style!

Comment by Neil Geraghty

Bow wow wow

Comment by ricco r

Class! How cool was Annabella Lwin and she was 15 at the time.

Comment by gnomely1

@normanby100 Yes I remember it too. Flounced off and left him to close the show. Audience fairly quiet. Good while it lasted. I wish you peace and well-being.

Comment by kipponi

So the young girl do squats and bass player fucks his instrument ? Oh, I get it.
No I don't it is sick.

Comment by MrGameFreak

Lieutenant Lush

Comment by chickitakoowan

Go on, my son!

Comment by BloodyNine007

Not now she isn't... :-)

Comment by OliB

I used to fancy her like crazy when i was 10

Comment by raymondo6162

Yes love the Donksn comment. I used to fancy her rotten myself might just join in on that one!

Comment by Jessica Thom

nobody ????
no body
or why

Comment by mad geeza

R.I.P MALCOM MCLAREN, music since 1976 would not have have been same without your influences R.I.P. malcom

Comment by Geoffrey Aldwinckle

Does anyone else remember this being used on an episode of Sooty and Sweep ?

Comment by zaftra

@zaftra fuss, pardon my Freudian.

Comment by zaftra

@dsukenick I know, because every single song that is produced in America is so awesome. There simply is just no competing.

Comment by Adam Sukenick

@zaftra Yes. I just noticed I put the wrong to. I meant two.

Comment by lewisner

0.10 jesus christ the girl in the pink dress

Comment by TheHeuristicIslander

gotta love the 80's satire

Comment by robert stevenson

c30 c60 c90 where

Comment by coltsuperocean10

Annabella Lwin is gorgeous, even today she looks stunning!!

Comment by flamadiddler

jimmy savile missed an opportunity. saying that i reckon she would have destroyed savile and spat the pips out.

Comment by Kenny Gray

She was fuckin tricky. ;-)

Comment by RUDI UK


Comment by Vport

@guevara2016 - haven't seen that movie, but one could imagine those people in the background do look like they are oddly excited in anticipation of devouring the audience.

Comment by Larz Gustafsson

Super band!

Comment by James Hargreaves

If you're going to rip from pvr/dvd DE-INTERLACE!!!

Comment by sugarkaneandchloe

@buubaby heh heh me too :-)

Comment by AllRequired

I'm a teenager again!

Comment by mwenvlay

poor you.

Comment by adeworks

It wasn't originally 'snakes' in the grass...

Comment by XabiAlonsosCousin

It's a sign of the times my friend. man bras will be worn regularly by men too by 2030 as man boobs bless us all. Personalty i embrace it, I will try some Bras this weekend

Comment by itshouldntbeallowed

@reziztanze get over yourself and chill the fuck out.

Comment by bittuh

Setzer generally gravitates towards 50's Gretsches, and that is a '75. My understanding was, he sold a '56 or '57 model to Marco of Adam and the Ants. Story was, Brian couldn't get the thing to stop buzzing. Marco does show up in an Ants video with a White Falcon. I have seen Brian in pics with that guitar. It is distinctive, as it has additional rhinestones in the headstock. You can see it at the beginning of "Goody Two Shoes."

Comment by Del350K4

She was so hot...I don´t want to see what she looks like now.

Comment by Susan Williams

I LOVED this band. Saw them sooooo many times back in the day ........... Yes it was all put together by Mr Pervert McLaren but I have so many good memories of seeing them in my youth.............. And it was such good dance music 

Comment by wildenfree1

Nice..although she was about 14 here

Comment by dim wit

Traces of the lead singer were found in a Findus' lasagne.

Comment by open the box

She is half-caste

Comment by Ray Turvey

yer and she was 15 yrs old at the time

Comment by Kris Roberts

I'm a tiger raarr! Go wild in my panties!

Comment by Marcus Alexander

@ciderdrinker1972 i still do

Comment by pfg333

@donksn .... welcome to the club...

Comment by StNige

This 'shit' as you call it is an example of a hugely eclectic main-stream music scene that embraced fun and creativity in a way that was only seen through the sixties, seventies, and eighties before it was replaced by pretty boys and girls flashing their bits and singing in the way they were told to by their producers.

Bring back the shit and all the fun that goes with it I say..!

Comment by wayneschlaegal

why isn't the top rated comment on this video shown as the top comment!?

Freedom of speech applies to those who wanked over Annabella too!!

Not literally of course, although that is an appealing thought!

Comment by Roque Fischota

love the whole clumsiness of this vid, except maybe for the abrupt ending

Comment by 65rowan

Annebella Lwin was not ahead of her time she was only 14yrs old when Malcolm Mcclaren discovered her in a launderette in London. Mcclaren and Vivianne Westwood molded her into the short lived pop group they become for one year. Lots of people were dressed like that then and before. The pirate look Vivienne created in her own style a couple of years before was being worn in clubs like the Roxy 7 Erics etc. the Mohican hairstyle had been going since the punk ere when they brought it back.

Comment by Corné Eksteen

Amazing! Still as good as it was in 1982!

Comment by nw8000

They were up there with Bad manners (Christ! I remember watching this at the time!)

Comment by BlueMeanieSulk

Enjoy :)

Comment by Oromuisca Yulebheeled

I think Anabella sounded a bit like Judy Garland!

Comment by JameZy

The original "Ants" plus Annabella Lwin

Comment by Ralph Nelson

Te querre hasta la muerte Annabella

Comment by StNige

Good times, good memories...

Has anyone seen my youth? It was here when I last looked.

Comment by Wacky Jackscum

She makes me know why grown men go PEDO.

Comment by Steve D

pop punk,go wiiiillllldddd!

Comment by Chris Edwards

Of course it wasn't Snakes in the grass was it?

Comment by tony tookie

Couldn't sing for toffee but wow was she hot!!!

Comment by Chew Penghock

Yes those were the gr8 days with annabella

Comment by Colin Mcdougal

a tidy bit o' tackle as we say up here & a good tune

Comment by StNige

@TheVampiratess singles... how I miss singles... still love to play vinyl. That said I've got 'The Compact Two Tone Story' on cd (x4) from about 93 and that's real good to listen to.

Comment by raymondo6162

Luv your comment Caine!

Comment by 1FineYoungCannibal

A good vibe, but the daftest lyrics ever.

Comment by Trevor Wright

Great voice and so good looking

Comment by GRAHAM2109

You liked hard looking women then?

Comment by keasy man

Show's yer fanny.

Comment by Adam Sukenick

@zaftra I guess not.

Comment by Calmany37

pretty face and a lovely voice...hot body

Comment by knifesedge

Hard to believe she was only 15 at the time!

Comment by Abedude71

I'd hit that like it owed me money

Comment by samninetysix

Wasn't there some stories about a certain manager sleeping with Ms Lwin when she was still only 15?? - something I seem to remember from the early 80's

Comment by Trevor Wright

Keasy man,if u nowt good to say ,keep quiet

Comment by zaftra

@ucanseethejoin She was 14 on the cover of the album. Hence the fuzz, everybody's favorite jail-bait. Literally in her case.

Comment by videosrus uk

Annabella Lwin is the lead singer born 1965 shes only 17 in this video

Comment by Tomáš Vyhlídal

Super fantastic best song !!!!!

Comment by KukiRebel

Annabella Lwin was way before her time in Fashion and in music.
Thumbs up for those who were named "weirdos" growing up but now are called "Hipsters"

Comment by paul chorley

feeling nostalgic. lights off,,, door shut,,,sock in hand,,, bowwowwow anabel time

Comment by Andy Holmes

Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood discovered EVERYONE in that laundrette if you listen to them, lol. Johnny Rotten doing his annual wash!

Comment by mike cruickshank

this singer isn't 50 yet!!

Comment by prettybionic

what kind of drum kit is dave playing...awsome kik drum. rip matt

Comment by Miguel Bossio

Què excelente grupo. Làstima que en Perù no sonò mucho, pero tiene sus fans. Lo màximo.

Comment by Paul Murray

according to wiki, her father was Burmese

Comment by Ghostx1977

how times of changed..the guitarists t-shirt on the left would definitely not be allowed on tv now FACT!

Comment by Hotspur2001

She was pictured on an album cover without a shirt, but covered up. She was only 15 when it was taken.

Comment by desperate dan

What a great song. Bursting with energy. Better than the shit that's out now

Comment by Sarah Brummitt

Welcome to a much more exciting era of music. I wish my 12 year old daughter could get it, she likes the dreary, sanitised One Direction.

Comment by Dr. Ephebo Phile

15 and mature for her age NOTHING wrong with likingher you Nazis

Comment by Colin Wilcox

i remember there being a scandal as she was under aged. When TOTP was still worth watching

Comment by merseymain

@itshouldntbeallowed, lol

Comment by melslave666

yes she is smokon hot

Comment by StNige

@TheVampiratess That's a truly awful story. I invested in a turntable earlier this year (old one died a few years ago) and it's been great to play vinyl again. Vinyl is sexy - cd's will never be.
My Compact Two Tone set is good, usually fetch around 50 quid on ebay but I've seen them as high as 100, so not cheap. It comes with a small book too which is often found sold alone.
I wish you a very happy 70's / 80's Christmas ;)

Comment by Vicky Wilson

probably true as that manager was a bit of a weirdo. She also appeared naked on one of their sleeves (this one I think) too when she was only 15

Comment by Dewi Howells


Comment by stephen whittle

i want a piglitt.

Comment by Rosiexxmyrearendxx

I remember me and my friend doing a cossack dance to this at a party and yes we kicked ass in our ra ra skirts and nappies

Comment by grantoldblueeagle

That's a staccato. Drum kit fiberglass shells they were popular in the 80s but the took up so much room great sound though

Comment by Ruben00021

Matthew Ashman had some nice tits.

Comment by blixem59

Finally someone else! I thought Leigh Gorman was beautiful & had a major teenage crush on him :D 30 years on I met him last week & he still does it for me despite losing the hair lol

Comment by chris elliott

rip malcolm

Comment by Thema inproblem

These were great years in my life. They sure did go by fast.

Comment by Jenny Talia

Annabella had great energy and the bass player was awesome... we now know how unoriginal MIA is

Comment by Scott Leech

Lovin' the guitarists tits t-shirt

Comment by jason smit

REMINDS of a girl i went out with i shamed my race,religion & laws

Comment by raymondo6162

Come on freebird what is disgusting?

Comment by Mariah Smudge

strange hair she has

Comment by perpetual61

Funny That Most Mention John Moss. When Actually Boy George Who was in The Band as "Lieutenant Lush" For a Shortwhile. Before he Joined Culture Club.

Comment by juday won

I think the Ting Tings should watch this..........

Comment by aerloin

Obviously.They were a Malcolm McLaren outfit.

Comment by DrDarke1

No, I'm still weird and loving it, thanks. :)

Comment by Philip Davies

Fantastic! I'm still not entirley sure what bake and take (shake) is!!! If any band was ever to reform, BWW are it (especially without the controlling hand of Mr McLaren). Happy happy smile smile!

Comment by Richard B

they were great

Comment by boasorte

A far better band than many realise. Ashman was a superb guitarist.

Comment by Noodles37UK

Dirk Wears White Sox

Comment by stellen11

hottest black chick ever!!

Comment by jemimallah

0:32 is the best rockstar move ever

Comment by freebird144


Comment by Sun Boy

completely missed this one but I was 10 years old.

Comment by armpitfuzz

makes me feel 13 again... thanks !

Comment by shaun kingdon

proper punk bitch brilliant ,way ahead of her time x

Comment by jsidiropoulou

Think you mean 30 years later!

Comment by nw8000

She was the female adam ant

Comment by Torsten Hoppe

Forget Emiliana Torrini !
Annanbelle is the one and onlyy jungle queen !!!!
Golly golly go buddy !!!!!

Comment by Donksn

Well I was only five years old at the time.

Comment by Maniacal Gorilla

worst of the 80's

Comment by pilatunes

@coltsuperocean10 I always thought she was really hot. And I loved the band.

Comment by zaftra

@SuperSimonuk What was exactly?

Comment by zaftra

@dsukenick Don't you just love it when a grammar nazi corrects someone's English with poor English.

Comment by Steve Collett

you me and every teenager and their dads too!!!!

Comment by Artist Sarah Hinds

thats more like it...

Comment by blixem59


Comment by Kal Dhore

up your stupid ass simon cowell

Comment by Terry Harris

you lucky fucker she's such a babe

Comment by bill black

id fuck that in a tree

Comment by Gazza J

Check the Steve Jones T-Shirt...

Comment by BaddaBigBoom

thanks Yoda

Comment by Kwales66

Makes me feel like 18 lol

Comment by Matthew Finney

Martin Ashman? Matthew Ashton? His name was Matthew Ashman!! Jesus Christ!

Comment by keego2001

Debbie Harry in a PVC dress had every red blooded teenager reaching for the tissues!

Comment by Kwales66


Comment by number8mikee

John Moss!!

Comment by P8290970

She was gorgeous....Annabel wasn't it ?

Comment by minutegongcoughs

Just love this track

Comment by john coonie

that's where the ants went!

Comment by Dicky Griffiths

this toon is rude. giggle.

Comment by Feenix

Bloody hell shes pretty! HOW did i notice her when i was younger??

Comment by abraxis20

@Knight010666 The drummer was Dave Barbarossa!

Comment by TheBoyCub

I was called 'Freak' then...and 'Weirdo' now... I'm happy,,,,who wants to be normal? wearing woolknits, slippers and buying lego for grandchildren?

Comment by John Grant

RIP Mathew Ashman

Comment by toxylad

I already wear a bra, not so much because of my moobs but because I am a bit strange.
Only joking, my wife banned me because I looked better in women's underwear than she did.
Mind you it wasn't difficult, she is a right fat old dog.

Comment by 1FineYoungCannibal

@knifesedge oops, I've been watching this and imaging myself fucking her too.

Comment by chap666ish

I am 16 again :)

Comment by awildart

At least she is fascinating, and they got on the Wild thing (yes, it appears to be an actual ting) before everyone else by like 30 yrs

Comment by Cockney Red

she .is................... F I T !!!!

Comment by Lynda Proude

love this, was such a moment in time. And how hot is that chick in the audience wearing the hot pink, one leg body suit. Oh, BTW McDonalds had just hit the UK around this time

Comment by Jacob McQueen

Wtf is this why was this on my what to watch

Comment by prettybionic

what kind of drum kit ih dave playing...awsome kik drum

Comment by toxylad

Weird you both say that as she is singing about hamburgers at 2:28 when the "chick in pink" is on screen (or am I being a bit naive here?)

Comment by arse bandit

Anybody remember Annabel throwing a strop on smug git BA Robertson's late night chat show? Obviously stage-managed by Talcy Malcy for maximum publicity.

Comment by Football skills

I said short back and sides,not that short,What the fuck u done to my hair!!!!!!!

Comment by TheAlienFan

@1:00 enough to drive me insane.I won't be coming back

Comment by Adam Sukenick

@zaftra You used to lls.

Comment by Filmation Nation

this shit was popular?

Comment by Martin Witheford

The Guitar player is Matthew Ashton who sadly passed away aged just 34 ish from complications of diabetes. His Gretsch White Falcon guitar is the stuff of legend on Gretsch blogs... if you believe everything you read, he bought it off Brian Setzer and was also owned by The Clash (that is not true, Strummer borrowed a Falcon for a while but a Double cut, not this one...)

Comment by Paul Murray

Was Jimmy Saville on that night?

Comment by Andi Rooney

me too mmmmmmmmm

Comment by Silvie Rivera

Great!  Love this -- brings back memories!  

Comment by Scott Jackson

she is beautiful

Comment by perpetual61

In the Movie " Worried about the Boy " The Boy George Story. This song is playing in the background while they take pictures of the Group and Boy George who was in Bow Wow Wow as " lieutenant Lush" before Culture Club.

Comment by Storm Hawk

An off the wall pop song by an off the wall pop band , gotta love it.

Comment by kevin adamson

Its a wonder that dirty bastard Jimmy S aville didn,t get his creepy hands on her seeing as she was on TOTP.

Comment by Scotty Russell Music

except she was 15 when they first came out so that would technically be "doing a polanski"

Comment by שחור סטיג

@ciderdrinker1972 we all did :-)

Comment by zaftra

Don't I just.

Comment by popp2356

this was such a brill era for music - what the heck has happened ;(

Comment by Compact Jam

God I forgot just how hideous this lot were

Comment by andreaneilcmc

McLaren stole the Ants and she stole Adam's dance moves. Shocking!

Comment by paul HOOPER

rip malcolm

Comment by Donksn

Had my first wank over her! In fact I'm off for another one for old times sakes.

Comment by Jamz Motocross

@TejMulen lololol huh? lol

Comment by dave scott

Wow Annabella ,, saw these in Sefton Park Liverpool ,,was Pressed up against railings ,,dancing away ,,lol fun times

Comment by Dr Ephebo Phil

she is a good looking bird. numbers dotn mean shit, only what you see.

Comment by turboslag

Fantasy is a wonderful thing!

Comment by John Brighton

she's really mad and frustrated and that..

Comment by ecc84

Actually i wanted to shag the Arse off Claire Grogan :-)

Comment by Richard B

I saw this band twice in the early 80's and they rocked it. Annabella is a babe and I saw them in a small club the first night and made goo goo eyes at her all night long. And then at the Greek Theater in Berkeley I tossed my jacket on stage and she kissed it several times and tossed it back and I climbed over everybody to retrieve it. Great times.

Comment by Ghostx1977

Pharrell Williams stole this beat!

Comment by turboslag

Thats the way of fantasy!

Comment by Matthew Rhodes

Go wild go wild in the country - where snakes and grass are absolutely free :p

Comment by No Way

Loved this track. Bought their first album but this was the only track worth listening too - in my humble opinion.

Comment by TheNidus

@Del350K4 Don't worry - she still looks amazing!

Comment by ax13

Well said, StNige! I only wish I was more open-minded/open-eared enough to appreciate most of what was going on back in the 70s and 80s. I missed out on lots of great performances because I was stuck in a rut of listeneing to a few aging groups. The "mainstream" of the day was chock full of talent and creativity, and lots of different styles and influences. The only interesting new stuff I hear is some electronic things and singer-songwriters, but there's no "mainstream" anymore.

Comment by Adam Sukenick

@zaftra You sure answer back fast.

Comment by Mollylurcher

@knifesedge Even harder for me to believe I was only 14 at the time!

Comment by Adrian Foley

Not only did she steal Adam's band but she also stole some of his moves...Al that aside she was still a fine thing!!

Comment by MrScotmac

burn it baby its all youve got

Comment by inspiral roses

That guy on guitar looks like a mixture of Robin Fink and Jean Beauvoir ... uuuuuuuhhhhchchch ...

Comment by fooman65

been doing a strange 80's trip and found these, i'd forgotten how good they were, the old Ants and what a bass player!! Must be a session master by now.

Comment by Ian Finlay

"Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn WILD in the country !!!!.. where snakes in the grass are absolutely free!!"

HA !! HA !! Very funny song. A timeless ode to the joys of capricious abandonment. Better than that I Want Mandy or whatever ( which I've neve cared for so much ). This one here though aughta be a true bona-fide classic.

Comment by Eric George

Amazing track that reminds me of CB meetings in the Lodge Club in Scarborough in the 80's. Gosh, how times have changed...FOR THE WORSE.

Comment by BloodyNine007

She wouldn't be mate.

Comment by danielscissorhands

Guitars sound great when they are not plugged in! ;)

Comment by martin kemp

love the hair dos lol

Comment by funk67

Spot on kids ;-))

Comment by chris hill

i forgot how pretty this bird was

Comment by Paul D

@dewijones67 Yeah, but back then no one gave a shit. unlike today where everyone is up their own arse. Renton was right "eventually there will be no men or women, just wankers"

Comment by gomezse23

please remind me. whats this chicks name..... alanah...something?

Comment by Kelly14UK

I was 14. Hormones...

Comment by John Turner

This girl is so fuckin hot!

Comment by JBear

@ciderdrinker1972 I would!

Comment by turboslag

EVERY adolescent bloke in th e80's wanted to shag the arse off Annabella!!

Comment by TheHeuristicIslander


Comment by mxa1axm

rockabilly..maybe phscho billy,if your english there has to be some stle punditry going on.

Comment by George Mortimer

Bastard McLaren for stealing Adam Ant's bands. GRR! Bad Malcolm.

Comment by ecc84

@StNige oooh i fucking know that one :-)

Comment by MrScotmac

fucking and giving not my stance

Comment by StNige

@TheVampiratess Glad to know my youth is in good company... probably hanging around a two tone concert somewhere ;)

Comment by CS Laurie

Annabella used to live down the road to me in Enfield, Middx. in 1981. Her mum wasn't too pleased with her posing naked on a record sleeve at 15 years old though. And yes, she was a Wild child.


Boobs on your t shirt ooooh not politically correct. trans bender whatever they fockin call themselves these days would not approve. Fuck em.

Comment by Bonjour194

contemplating going to see these £14 may aswell

Comment by manchesterblue2007

if you're 15, when a hot chick sings the word 'naked'...you buy the record

i did

(at this point i would like to apologise to my mum for all the missing single socks)

Comment by gooderish

Why ? He was a cunt.

Comment by MartyRotten

Martin Ashman was a great guitar player and he's sorely missed. Now he's up there jamming with Jimi and Elvis and all the rest.

Comment by zaftra

@dsukenick Americans never get irony do they?

Comment by Brian Robinson

love it. if memory is okay after snakebite some of the band left adam and the ants to start bow wow wow. Comment if wrong....

Comment by Mark Johnson

Always hoped she might fall on bad times and go into the adult film industry in my most prurient lascivious thoughts

Comment by Daf

Me and my wife were cutting the grass the other day and she said, "there maybe snakes in the grass" i said, are they absolutely free" ? we larffed our tits off

Comment by fasthracing

good to see that Malcolm M had also flogged the guy on the gutar one of his T shirts too. (Last seen being worn by Steve Jones of the Pistols!)

Comment by torn denim

we sure went wild when she sang yum yum xx

Comment by Jovan Radujko

who is the guy on the bass, his playing is superb

Comment by Tim Uk

Fuckin shite this.

Comment by Stuart McIntyre

Annabella Lwin was well sexy in this video

Comment by mac morrison

During this filming the Beeb for once put Savile in the Hanibal Lecter suite.

Comment by GriefTourist

can't believe they got away with that tits t shirt

Comment by Shikiraamzingly so


Comment by paul chorley

me too

Comment by L Mc

caught this on TOTP 1982 reruns , she is not super model good looking, but still looks current. Most 80's chicks look ridiculous now

Comment by cannis solis

@1FineYoungCannibal she wanted to sing "sex in the grass is absolutely free" but if I remember correctly she was only 15 when this first came out so they made her change the lyrics, hence "snakes in the grass go absolutely free"

Comment by Elaine Jones

Let's go wild 😁😁😁😁

Comment by John Baksys

I love this video singing is dam wild

Comment by Alessio Romagnoli


Comment by SIMON Gill

great song and vintage westwood perfection

Comment by KuffarLimeLeaf Bacon

fuck these adverts

Comment by Richard Thompson

She must have been 16 when that LP came out as well so she wasn't under age, as some of the page 3 models were that age as well, I was a teen then as well

Comment by andrea brown

me and my best school friends favourite we were 9

Comment by Richard Clark

I actually remember watching this performance on TV :)

It was so crazy - at the time.

Comment by Nikki Jackson

God i love this song

Comment by Adam Sukenick

This song sucks. I can see why it never made it into the US.

Comment by Glamking1

How come Adam's other ants went on to join Bow Wow Wow - however Stuart Goddard himself went on to persue a solo career with hits such as Goody Two Shoes and Puss 'n Boots, however Bow Wow Wow only did last 2 minutes of fame and then later split. Malcolm McLaren discovered the lead singer was a girl :d

Comment by jazzraspberry

RIP Matthew..

Comment by Adam Sukenick

@zaftra I'm glad you agree.

Comment by dannyboyspain1

I forgot how cute she was.....well tasty

Comment by MrAlitrab

@andreaneilcmc she was only 14 at the time for god sake!

Comment by thawthepast

snakes....wild is the cities
with their roadside dinner tables and manners******

Comment by coltsuperocean10

....................still hot 20 years later!!

Comment by John Davis

I just heard this song I hate how the media always say certain bands were one hit wonders.

Comment by Stryder46


Actually, Adam Ant's manager Malcolm McClaren stole them. She was hired after the fact.

Comment by gahloot

I saw her at the hollywood Paladium back then! I would have loved to throw a good bangin on her back then!

Comment by MoonVision

at the time... wild & scary.
now.. lame & tame.

Comment by Shikiraamzingly so

She was 21 actually

Comment by Clive Ellis

This song is supposed to be about anal sex hence no hamburgers

Comment by CentaurFoaley

@Asia1Alpha Name Annabella Lwin; Anglo-Burmese. Her Burmese name means 'High High Cool'. Yes she was cute :)

Comment by peterpeterxxo

she was 16 at the time, born oct 31st 1965 , no bake and take no strawberry milkshake, lol...swinging from the trees , wanking in the breeze... she dosnt say that last bit but listen back u cud easily think she said it...i dont need no suitcase cos love should run naked....brilliant.

Comment by 4766rich

@Donksn Brilliant!!!!

Comment by TheMightyHartley

Pfft, how times have changed. Snakes in the grass used to absolutely free.....now they're at least five quid each.

Comment by Paul Turner

Great tune. I must say the bass player looks like a young yurgen klinsman.

Comment by fripouille69

One of the most whacked-out and fun songs ever written!! A real classic !!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting mmusicool

Comment by david james

this era marked the transition from miming to lip sinc..worked great in the studio but could never be reproduced live...such a shame

Comment by Rory Stokes

Always loved this - Drums amazing
I thought it was recording studio effects - then saw him drum in Camden Palace

Comment by BWFSabian

16.. legal here.. lol.. Probablty fucked from pillar to post since then..

Comment by zaftra

@dsukenick Shocking.

Comment by Adam Sukenick

@zaftra I don't know what to say about that.

Comment by andrea brown

me and friend use to go nuts to this song we love about it now what memories.

Comment by Allan Drummond

ha ha aye there was sum perks of bein an eightys kid

Comment by 101airbourn

@pme96 Yes you are very sexy, that is why you are the most popular girl in the 613 Club on Oxford Road.

Have you got change for a fifty ?

Comment by RUDI UK

Thanks for that. I'll never view a happy meal in the same fkn way again.

Comment by Mychael Darklighter

amazingly, yes!
i know it's hard to believe the public could be that smart, but it happened!

Comment by Lynda Proude

boy george, duran duran, human league, siouxie etc. etc.

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