Would You Believe In Me Jon Lucien

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December 6, 2017



Would You Believe In Me

The "Would You Believe In Me", soundtrack in Pop cassette "Rashida" was launched in 2010.Front singer Jon Lucien roled in two tasks, performed as singers and composer.Sony Music, launched this soundtrack after broadcasting "Kuenda" track carried out by Jon Lucien.Approximate revenue to Sony Music from the song is $624.This music track was produced 7 years before, continuing to be pleasant by English listeners.It quickly reached to edge on the youtube in 2014, and is seen by 288.09 thousand users.This is Jon Lucien`s 44th music track, Out of 65 all till now.
introduced as a song writer.Jon Lucien greeted expected result for delightful job of a Pop soundtrack.The track was nicely composed by Jon Lucien while it was proudly carried out by Jon Lucien.Soundtrack is accessible on itunes store for $1.29 and whole track list for $9.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Would You Believe In Me
SingersJon Lucien.
ComposerJon Lucien.
LabelSony Music.
Duration 02:32
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $1.29
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If you believe in having sex, say, hell, yeah, hell, yeah
If you believe in having sex, say hell, fuck, yeah
Hell, fuck, yeah
When I say S, you say E, when I say X, you say sex
S, E, X, sex, let's go
Do the ladies run this muthafucker? Hell, yeah
Do the fellas run this muthafucker? Hell, yeah
Do the ladies run this muthafucker? Hell, fuck, yeah
Do the fellas run this mutha? Hell, fuck, yeah
All hoes, suck dick, all niggas, eat pussy
All hoes, drink dick, all niggas, eat pussy
Bulldaggers, suck pussy, all fagots, suck dick
Bulldaggers, suck pussy, all fagots, drink dick
Now, now hold on, hold up, fellas
I wanna know all the fellas out there who gon' get some pussy
Aight? I want y'all to repeat after me
Say, I'm gon' get some pussy, I'm gon' get some pussy
Say, I'm gon' get some pussy, I'm gon' get some pussy
Now ladies, I want y'all to repeat after me
If y'all got somethin' to say to these niggas out here
All right, ladies? Y'all ready to do this, ladies?
Say, you ain't gettin' no pussy, you ain't gettin' no pussy
'Cause you ain't got no money 'cause you ain't got no money
Say, you ain't gettin' no pussy, you ain't gettin' no pussy
'Cause you ain't got no money 'cause you ain't got no money
Oh, shit, oh, shit, these women gettin' loose on y'all fellas
But hold on, fellas, we gon' get these women, all right
I got somethin' for y'all to say
Take your crabby ass home, bitch
Take your crabby ass home, bitch
Lemme hear ya say, take your crabby ass home, bitch
Take your crabby ass home, bitch
All the ladies say, eat my pussy, eat, eat my pussy
Eat my pussy, eat, eat my pussy
All the ladies say, eat this pussy, eat, eat this pussy
Eat this pussy, eat, eat, this pussy
Okay, okay, I, I can't forget
About my white boy friends at the depot
Fuckin' hey, dudes, you wanna get yer cock sucked?
Repeat after me
Suck my cock an' I'll eat yer pussy
Suck my cock an' I'll eat yer pussy
You guys, say, suck my cock an' I'll eat yer pussy
Suck my cock an' I'll eat yer pussy
Now I know why everybody like having sex
More than they like doin' anythin' else in the whole world
Okay, fellas, I wanna know what y'all like about having sex
Is it less fillin'? No, it tastes great
Is it less fillin'? No, it tastes great
Now ladies, I wanna know what all y'all fine ass ladies
Like about havin' sex, aight, ladies, y'all gon' tell me?
Y'all gon' tell me? Okay, y'all tell me
Does it taste great? No, it's less fillin'
Does it taste great? No, it's less fillin'
Less fillin', tastes great
Less fillin', tastes great
Less fillin', tastes great

Did You Know?

from the album "Rashida"

Comments • 78

Comment by mastershake9801

Hell yeah! Good call. Raashan did a great job mixing this great tune into his song "If I". I love it when the x-generation hip hop and rockers collectively and respectively mix the old and the new together.

Comment by haga71p28

lovely i was only 2 when this was released yet it was threaded throughout my youth at various parties

Comment by graycrom

awesome track, absolutely love this, reminds me of great times and great people.

Comment by Andrew Terrien

Jon Lucien had a terrifically generative voice. He was great! We lost him far too soon!

Comment by Thefunksoulbro

Tune !! what more can I stay except what a feel good song shame its not 10 minutes longer.

Comment by LutherLumpa

The perfect song. Thanks John.

Comment by Andrew Youens

Please post it!!

Comment by loosestudios

Jon Lucien died in Orlando, Florida on the 18th of August 2007 from respiratory failure and other complications following surgery at age 65.
His 17-year-old daughter Dalila Lucien died when N93119, the Boeing 747 airliner on TWA Flight 800 carrying 230 passengers bound for Paris, France, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Long Island, New York, shortly after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport on July 17, 1996

Comment by MrSouthernman73

I first heard this on an Acid Jazz compilation called "TOTALLY WIRED 10" in 1993 at a record shop called Red Beans & Rice.Spent about a decade looking for it on record(was out of print) until the cd was released a while back.Whole album is tight.

Comment by milton112

wore out couple of cass tapes listening to this gentleman....oh my!

Comment by nightimelady

what a groove !

Comment by milton112

I could jam this karaoke style. I've practiced it 1 million times over the years.

Comment by rogerlebaron

rip jon lucien....legend

Comment by Sounds English

the only thing wrong with this tune is that it is TOO DAMN SHORT!

Comment by Sal1675

Total Music.

Comment by Garry arden

Jon Lucien is a legend , i love his work.

Comment by lookafterlove

This is a great Album but why not put the title track on youtube. Thats the one I want to hear and its not on here.

Comment by Alan Fink

Oye Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Wanta stonkin choooooooon.

Comment by ATS68

Jon Lucien is the TRUTH! We saw him at the Strand (Redondo Beach, CA) back in the day. A very gracious cat and a heavy spirit. He signed all my albums and I was floored! Rashida is one album that everyone needs to have in their collection

Comment by Anthony Stephenson

An ageless voice.

Comment by Donald Williams

I recall listening to this back in 1973/1974 time frame on WHUR (Howard University Radio) back in D.C.  It was awesome then, and it remains to be a resilient force of song even today! Thank you for uploading this time-honored classic. 

Comment by Pauline Ray

Loveee Jon, so honoured that I got to see you live!!!

Comment by 7SKYBALLER


Comment by dominicgee

Man this is gorgeous, but did the trumpets need to struggle so much?

Comment by Charisse Myles

Vincent my good friend bought me this album...yes album in 11th grade..

Comment by mainlyjesus


Comment by blaknificent09

@oosdadaddy Amen!

Comment by gailt1956

What a magnificent musician. I could listen to this voice all day. What a loss.

Comment by Anthony Robinson


Comment by parisel313

he's the best!

Comment by J Eshun

An amazing album here by Jon Lucien, his best too from1973, he also had one of the most compelling voices Soul/Jazz, with a mixture of carribean, Brazillian & Jazz the Rashida album is viewed as a masterpiece, with is track which has the most mass appeal

Comment by birthmcgirt

@oosdadaddy I feel you, hell would be the place with no music.

Comment by Jessica Sonoda

Smooth as silk Jon...

Comment by Dave Night

Smooth mother, should be revered like Gill Scott Heron.

Comment by Krystal Hardwick

Many thanks to DJ MBgroove for this jam

Comment by Ona Zemaitis

@dominicgee Do you know what I don't agree with you I think the trumpets enhance this tune !

Comment by hamburg300

Feeling lot of good vibes!!!

Comment by myrta torres

so romantic..going down memory lane.....

Comment by Robmorgan144

this song makes me wanna get in the circle and groove

Comment by RoninAli1

I love this song! Me and some partners (Da Prophet Decruz & Da Pharoah Quantut & DJ Kalajj) sampled this & rhymed over it back in the early '90's; 1993. The beat is so rhythmic & funky we didn't need to add a back beat/drum machine to it. RIP; RIL (rest in love), Mr. Lucien.

Comment by emilio fernandez

tellement beau !!

Comment by TWR

wow thanks mikeymike i guess

Comment by Zhenya Yufanov

Can't get enough! Never gets old. Thanks for the post!

Comment by Blackpool77

all the way back to the last hour at the Highland room in 73/4 : classic Mecca !!!

Comment by Delisle4

Seriously though, music just does not get any better than this.

Comment by Alda Gaetani

i love this is a masterpiece

Comment by Jimi Hooker

so very very nice...

Comment by fetze

Are you talking about 9/11 ?

Comment by berlynn sparks

great music.

Comment by Specialdark23

I like this! It has a nice groove!

Comment by Liz Holl

Love this

Comment by 7SKYBALLER


Comment by LadyMamaAlive

All the below!!! Hot, hot, hot!!!! Thanks for posting it for us to enjoy!!!!!!

Comment by dee tony

jeff osborn had to look up to this cat period but this cat was one of a kind make a player want to be smooth as silk

Comment by manwomanboogie

...im sorry, Mr. Jon Lucien

Comment by Rae Wright

Perfectness, the man with golden voice. I had the chance to see him 4x and meet him. I truly miss him.

Comment by Ethan Nahum

Gill Scott Heron

Comment by blackandtanful

忘れてません、UKソウルのアイドル、ジョン・ルシアン"WOULD YOU BELIEVE IN ME"~ブラスが切れる!

Comment by khanda jatt

Straight up talent!

Comment by manwomanboogie

Beautiful Song, my first time hearing this, my first time even hearing of Mr. John Lucien...
thank you so much...

Comment by superstrut75

reminds me of going to college on the train with my sony walkman listening to this and checking the birds out. magic days.

Comment by Michael Carridine

Loved it for years, what a track.

Comment by 246hotcoco

Such soulful vocals - love this tune! thank you for posting

Comment by superstrut75

me too mate. nice touch.

Comment by Sal1675

Heavenly and always does what its supposed to do which is help me realise that there is a method in the Creator's perceived madness and randomness cos when you here this you realise that there is love and unity under all the crap that we put up with on a daily basis. Here's to beauty. Salute!

Comment by Justin H.

Raashan Ahmad sample?

Comment by Lucien Cortes-Hawley

2000AD plus nine.

Comment by Andrew Youens

Please someone post 'WHO WILL BUY'; a great loss to the music world. Hold on... haven't we heard that brass section riff somewhere else????

Comment by Basil Shahid

Lucien Love!

Comment by Bart Garfunkal

Joyous & timeless, such positive music from a truly great artist!

Comment by James Coleman

Just simply smooth, that's all I can say .... great music !!! can't get that today !!!!!

Comment by blackandtanful

80年代白人UK達の憧れ、ジョン・ルシアンの1973のスマシュ!~WOULD YOU BELIEVE IN ME

Comment by port2344chester

2days artist cant stand in the same room with this TALENT....
You can hear the passion & desire in his music.
Singing for the love of music not for the greed of money.

Comment by loosestudios

just putting out information
John RIP

Comment by олеся таннер

The song of the spring! Luv it! <3

Comment by Evanilton Gonçalves

Guys, I would like to read the lyrics of this song, someone could show me where I find? Thank you very much in advance.

Comment by Clifford Roberts

Oh yeah!

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